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Woodstock Film Festival

October 1 – 4, Upstate Films will be showing films for the Woodstock Film Festival at both our Rhinebeck and Woodstock locations!
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This Week in Rhinebeck

The Woodstock Film Festival
Oct 1 – 4
Woodstock Film Festival Website
Oct 5 – 8 Rhinebeck
Monday – Tuesday 6:00, 8:00
Wednesday 3:50, 6:00, 8:00
Thursday 6:00, 8:00
Learning to Drive
Oct 5 – 8 Rhinebeck
Monday – Thursday 6:10, 8:10
The Third Man
Oct 7 Rhinebeck
Wednesday 3:40

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In a role that was made for her, Lily Tomlin stars as Elle Reid, an ill-tempered lesbian who has just gotten through breaking up with her girlfriend (Judy Greer) when she finds herself on an all-day odyssey to raise the money her granddaughter Sage (Julia Garner) needs for an abortion.
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learning to drive

Learning to Drive

A tender reminder that two people can achieve intimacy in the unlikeliest of situations, LEARNING TO DRIVE stars Patricia Clarkson as a Manhattan writer and Ben Kingsley as the Sikh instructor who teaches her how to drive.
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The Third Man

“Of all the movies I have seen, this one most completely embodies the romance of going to the movies.” – Roger Ebert, in 2000
Sir Carol Reed’s post-WWII film (along with Rossellini’s OPEN CITY) captures the physical and psychological devastation of Europe not through a neo-realist lens but through a film-noir mix of oblique camera angles, shadows, zither music courtesy of a musician who was discovered playing at a restaurant, plus stylized acting pitting the shadowy Orson Welles’ Harry Lime versus the opportunistic Joseph Cotten.
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